Available Training

Medical Training


Whether you are looking for a new learning experience, or a refresher course, we got you covered. In anticipation of our busy schedules,  the Cellular Medicine Association is facilitating training online.


Are you a new RN, NP, PA or MD looking to step into the aesthetic medicine arena? We have created training packages that can help you get started in your new medical spa business, using small attainable steps. 



Dermal Filler 

Vampire Face Lift 

Vampire Breast Lift

Vampire Facial 



PRP Hair Restoration

PRP Joints 

Stem Cell Therapy

Non-Surgical Body Contouring


$ave with our bundle packages. 

Contact us to design your online or hands-on custom bundle.


Practice laws vary from state to state. Please see that you aide by your state law. Valid licence is required in order to obtain training.


"AMA has given me the key to a new life. I started my practice shortly after training in Sept., 2018 and am very pleased with its development. I could have never earned this experience by taking a weekend course with a travel company. AMA is and has been there for me every step of the was during my startup and beyond." A.O, NP New York

"We are an Internal Medicine practice transitioning into medical aesthetics. AMA had helped us attain our goals in a timely manner as projected. Our staff and providers received proper training and support from the first day." L.G. , MD Philadelphia

"I am a dermatology PA who trained with Corina. She was very supportive and thorough during training and thereafter. All my questions have been patiently answered and she continues to mentor me. I felt confident  in practice after training with her." C.E. New Jersey

"I am a RN who got tired of being overworked on a hospital floor. My fascination with cosmetic dermatology led me to seek training with AMA. I am glad I did, because I now do what I love and get paid very well for it. I learned that there is a better career path for nurses." M.L., RN New York

"I am a new NP in DE and always wanted to learn the aesthetic field. I trained with the AMA for several procedures in 2018 and can sincerely claim that these experiences have enriched my life. I am now working in a plastic surgery office and realize that I am highly marketable." B.R., APN Delaware

"Thank you Corina for a great training. The training was very informative. We learned different aspects of cosmetic procedures and specifically use what for where. It was great to be able to learn multiple procedures in one day with a live model and also learning how to market the procedures. Sincerely, Dr. Maz " Dr. Maz, DC New Jersey


Our company is always looking for driven individuals who are determined to change the face of medicine. If you are an entrepreneur looking to invest in yourself and your future career, please speak to us about your goals. Our business model is to establish new centers throughout the country and support our students with employment that facilitates growth on their new career path. 

This means that we are considering a partnership with you after training. 

Because there is a new celebrity in the world today... and that is YOU!